Sterling silver ring – Unusual

This is my latest ring.
I wanted to create smaller and simplest ring than I usually do.
Just band and purple Swaroysky crystal…
But I have changed my mind during the production…. I heated a peace of silver wire trying to make round ball.
When I was done I find out that on the other side of the ball there was a small hole perfect for my purple Swarowski crystal.
This is really one of kind ring.

Earth in Universe

Mother Earth in Universe
handmade sterling silver ring with new jade bead.

When I start creating a ring like this one I’m never quite sure what the outcome will be.
First I put my idea on the paper and let the magic flow… however, sometimes something brings me further then I imagined… and this is what happened this time too…

Top of the ring is made of 2 soldered parts (0,5 mm thin) with „black hole“ between.
Mother Earth is jade, pale green, placed on half sphere pedestal resisting and still moving… top surface is mate.