Less is more…

I just have finished my new ring – Asymmetry.
Ring base is made of hammered cooper and top of the ring is simple hammered silver circle.
What I like the most about this project is asymmetry – top is asymmetric related to the ring base.
Rustic antique patina looks great on hammered silver or cooper …do you think so?

Crochet, organza flowers and polymer clay…

I was a little beat tired of my metal work so I decided to make something completely different last week.
I had a few crochet flowers and wanted to use them. I also made this cute pendants of polymer clay.( Polymer clay is great material, and I allways have some.)
To fulfill my creations I added organza flowes, pearl, shell, and lava beads.
This is the result!

about me…

my name is Zdravka Radić. I come from Croatia, Europe.
My love for jewellery and passion for creative work, slowly started as pale shadow within my hoby activities, but very quickly continued rising in me as a clear light that gives me strenght for exploring the new and unknown every day…

I developed my skills at Public Open University Zagreb.
My creations are simple, modern and wearable. I love the saying that less is more.
Although my first love is silver, from time to time I use other materials like polimer clay, textile, or a peace of wood found on the shore….